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Great North Web implements new brand for Advantec-HR

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Verified Safe and Secure

Security is perhaps the only topic more important than privacy. Receiving unsolicited spam might be a violation of your privacy, but hacking at your website is a violation of your security. Loss of privacy can be a minor nuisance, but lack of security is a serious threat.

Our group includes experts in security and website testing. Our security services include penetration testing, sql-injection, port scanning, Google hacking, and other "lesser known" exploits.

Whether you are launching a new website, or would like to verify the integrity of an existing website, consult with our security experts first. We can identify problems before you go to the market, and can help mitigate the risks associated with e-commerce. A third party review of your system is an inexpensive, intelligent decision.

Contact us to learn how we can verify your security.
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